You have the option to use one of the payment methods listed below to pay for your order. Your security is our top priority, so we ensure that your data is handled securely.

PayPal Apple Pay Credit card SOFORT Banking Bancontact Billie iDEAL KBC Giropay
Payment Methods
Apple Pay

Select a credit card through Apple Pay and confirm the payment with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.


When choosing PayPal, log in to the PayPal website to confirm the payment.

Credit Card

We accept credit cards from MasterCard, VISA, and American Express. Payment is processed automatically after legitimate verification as the rightful cardholder.


Choose Klarna, go through the credit check, and receive an invoice with a 14-day payment deadline.


Customers select KBC or CBC for the KBC/CBC Payment Button. They are redirected to the familiar online banking environment, decide through a card reader or QR code, and authorize the payment.


Customers choose "Billie: Buy now, pay later," enter information, and after confirmation, a pop-up window with the transaction confirmation appears. The invoice is sent after shipment with a 30-day payment deadline, and payment is processed five days after the shipping confirmation without deductions.


For orders from Belgium, we offer the Bancontact payment method. You can choose between entering card details or using the app.


Customers select TWINT, confirm the payment through the app after confirmation on the online shop. For tablet or notebook purchases, confirmation is done by scanning the QR code on the smartphone. Payment is successful upon confirmation, and the payout occurs from the marked date as paid in the merchant's account.

Refunds are processed through the original payment method.

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